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There’s a dirty little secret about estate planning and the use of living trusts. Many living trusts fail in that they don’t actually avoid probate.

You might be wondering why or how?

Just because you have a trust does not mean that it will actually serve the goal of avoiding probate in Michigan.

Why is that?

The living trust needs to be integrated or funded.

Most estate planning and elder law firms only providing a CYA (Cover Your A…) Letter, otherwise known as a funding letter.

Why is it a CYA Letter?

What happens at most estate planning law firms when you finish the living trust, they don’t actually do the funding, where you have to work with the banks to change beneficiaries and ownership of the assets so they are pointing at the trust.

Instead what most estate planning lawyers do for funding is put together a general funding letter on how to generally handle different accounts.

What happens? Confusion. Life. Differing opinions. What happens? The funding doesn’t get done.

Or, even if the funding does get done, years go by, you sell some assets, open new accounts, maybe buy a property up north and then all of a sudden you pass away.

You didn’t understand that you had to keep your trust funded and up to date.

Enter The Probate Free Guarantee™

For any client that enrolls in our Client Care Program automatically receives our Probate Fee Guarantee™.

Our Probate Free Guarantee™ states that if you continue to participate in our Client Care Program and provide all the requested information annually (including the updated Asset Report), then Castle Wealth Group Legal guarantees there will not be any litigious probate because an asset was not titled properly.

If there are assets that end up in probate, our firm will handle the probate and handle all the fees and expenses of the probate.

Contact us now to enroll in the Client Care Program and get the Probate Free Guarantee™ to protect yourself, your family and your loved ones from the dreaded probate court.