Is a Quit Claim Deed the same as a Lady Bird Deed

Planning for Your Retirement

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom Webinars June 28, 2023


Certified Elder Law Attorney and Certified Financial Advisor Chris Berry of Castle Wealth Group answers questions on retirement and estate planning every Wednesday at 1pm to register or give our office a call at 844-885-4200.

Castle Wealth Group and Christopher Berry help families with estate planning, elder law, retirement planning, and tax planning from Brighton, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Bloomfield Hills, and Novi offices.

In this week’s webinar, Attorney and Advisor Chris Berry of answers the below questions.

  • 1:07 Positive focus
  • 4:34 How can my father pass the house to us without having to pay capital gains?
  • 12:33 Is a Quit Claim Deed the same as a Lady Bird Deed?
  • 15:00 With the Secure Act 2.0 when do I actually have to take my required minimum distributions?
  • 20:32 How would a 401k that is 70 % pre-tax be treated if you convert it to Roth?
  • 22:33 If I have Financial Power of Attorney for my mom’s checking and she passes, can I liquidate it or does it go to probate?
  • 26:33 With the decline in the Michigan auto coverage, are my assets safe in a Trust?

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