What Are The Necessary Estate Documents That Someone Would Need?

What Are The Necessary Estate Documents That Someone Would Need?

First, we have what we call Disability Documents.
1. Financial Power of Attorney – document appointing someone to make Financial Decisions.
2. Medical Power of Attorney – document appointing someone to make Medical Decisions.
3. Personal Care Plan – outlines long-term care decisions.

Then we need to figure out, what is our plan upon death?
And we are looking at 2 different documents.
1. Will – gives instructions to the Probate court.
2. Will and Trust – a Trust avoids probate, controls distribution, and gives additional protection. Protection from long-term care costs and Estate Taxes. Protection of the beneficiaries from divorce, creditors, bankruptcy.

You also don’t need a certain level of assets to do a Trust.
It’s all about, figuring what are your goals? then picking on the right tools.

Typically, the Legal documents that most people need are
1. Trust
2. Will
3. Financial Power of Attorney
4. Medical Power of Attorney
5. Personal Care Plan

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