Haven’t heard of Donor Advised Fund and Qualified Charitable Distributions? You’re Missing the Boat!

Haven’t heard of Donor Advised Fund and Qualified Charitable Distributions? You’re missing the boat! In this episode of Berry’s Bites, Chris Berry discusses Charitable Deductions. If you are charitably inclined, if you are donating to churches or charities, and still haven’t heard about Donor Advised Fund and Qualified Charitable Deductions, then this episode is for you.

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Episode Transcript:

Is a Castle Trust the same as a Medicaid irrevocable trust?

If you are charitably inclined if you are donating to churches or charities and people are not talking to you about donor-advised funds or qualified charitable distributions you’re really missing the boat.

So if you do have charitable interests whether it’s a church or a charity if you’re making donations to your church on a regular basis and no one’s talking to you about donor-advised funds or maximizing your gifts. Please schedule some time to talk to us about taxes because if you do have a charitable interest it falls into one of our five core tax planning strategies some of those being donor-advised funds where you can set up a donor-advised fund to then contribute to the charities of your choice you can lump those charitable contributions together or if you’re over 70 and a half and 72 looking at qualified charitable distributions where you’re sending your RMDs directly to your charities these can have some dramatic tax effects.

And if whoever you’re working with isn’t talking to you about these please reach out to us because this is such a win-win-win, you can donate to the church and charities of your choice b you can reduce the taxes you pay, and three you can reduce the amount you pay to the IRS so I think that’s a win-win-win and we’re really passionate at castle wealth group about helping our clients in that direction.





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