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In this episode of Berry’s Bites, Chris Berry answers: Dad’s old trust does not have a Certificate of Trust. In trying to sell the house, the real estate agent is asking for one and they are saying the complete trust doc would not suffice. Is that right?

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Dad’s old trust does not have a certificate of trust. Trying to sell the house the real estate agent is asking for one and then saying the complete trust documents will not suffice. Welcome to Berry’s bites, please join our host attorney and financial advisor Chris Berry so realtors and banks you hear all kinds of different things depending on who you talk to but yeah anytime you have a trust typically you’re going to have what’s called a certificate of trust.

So like a trust document our trust 55 pages that’s a private document you don’t have to share that with anyone so one of the things that we do is what’s called a certificate of trust which is just two pages and the certificate of trust lists out who the grantor is. Who’s the person who created the trust who’s the trustee who’s in control of the trust he gives the name of the trust and depending on what the purpose is there might be some other information if you’re running into a roadblock.

With this real estate agent, we can easily prepare a certificate of trust so if you give us a copy of dad’s trust even our electronic copy we can prepare a certificate of trust and as an attorney, I can sign that certificate of trust for you so it’s super easy to get a certificate of trust you could either reach out to the attorney that drafted the original trust or we can do a new certificate of trust very easy to put together.

Much easier than trying to fight them about no you should take the whole trust because they don’t want to have to run it through their legal department to look for all this information that’s where the certificate trusts kind of makes it just super simple where they see who the grantor is, they see the name of the trust they see who’s the trustee and who has the authority to make decisions with regards to real estate. So certificate trust does make things a lot easier uh whenever someone passes away a new certificate of trust has to be done we can turn those around within 24 hours so seems complicated but pretty straightforward we can get that taken care of. Thank you

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