Questions to Ask Your Estate-Planning Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney

There are multiple things you need to think about and consider when creating an estate plan. A thoughtfully-planned estate plan can be beneficial for you and your loved ones while you are alive and after your demise. You need to decide on many delicate matters that can critically affect your family. An estate planning attorney can help you with all such confusing subjects with their experience and knowledge in the field. But searching for the ideal one is also very critical to make the right choices about your finances, assets, and health in the future.

Let us look at some questions that you should ask your estate planning attorney

Question #1- What is Your Experience?

Your first question to your attorney should be about their time in the legal field as a lawyer. An experienced attorney must have faced different challenges, helped various types of clients, and solved concerns from courts and the Internal Revenue System (IRS) at someone‚Äôs demise in their practice. 

Question #2- What are Your Solutions for My Concern?

Every individual has a specific concern because everyone has different financial situations, goals, and relationships. Estate planning involves a lot more than simply writing a will. An estate planner should optimize your estate plan with various tools for the most profit. 

Question #3- Do You Conduct Regular Reviews?

An estate plan is a dynamic document. It is important that you keep updating it with every significant change in your life regarding your personal relationships and financial situations. Ask your potential estate planning attorney about their periodic reviews.

Question #4- What Aspects of Estate Planning Do You Practice?

An estate planning attorney should help you with tools like the power of attorney, healthcare directives, living wills, and life insurances to ensure you are stress-free.

Question #5- What is Your Fee?

An attorney can charge you hourly or ask for a flat fee if your estate is complex. Be clear about all costs, so there are no hidden fees once your estate plan is in place.

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