Per Stirpes vs Pro Rata

Per Stirpes vs Pro Rata.

In this episode, Chris Berry discuss: The difference between Per Stirpes versus Pro Rata


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Episode Transcript


Difference between per stirpes versus pro rata. Welcome to Berry’s Bites, please join our host attorney and financial advisor Chris Berry.

So this is typically the two ways that we might do it in the trust I’d say 90% of the time we’re doing it that way 10% we’re doing pro rata so the difference is for stirpes. Here’s how it works; this is like law school stuff it’s one of the few things that I use in law school so per stirpes exactly how I explained it before one person passes their share goes is split evenly amongst the beneficiaries and then likewise if it goes down so if we kill off one person here then the way it ends up is 50 of the total estate here 25 percent here 25 percent here so that’s per pro rata, means it goes the other way these are Latin terms us attorneys and advisors we like our Latin terms so this is how pro rata works so this is the other way that we typically do it in terms of residual distribution so one person passes away their share goes here instead of it flowing down to the kid grandkids that does not happen person a gets their 50 and then also the other 50 goes to them so it kind of stops at the level so it’s split up evenly amongst the remaining survivors at that level these people get nothing at the end of the day so that’s difference between per stirpes pro rata this is more just follows down the bloodline and the way typically we see things. Thank you.


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