Should I Purchase Title Lock Security? | Title Lock Insurance

Should I Purchase Title Lock Security? | Title Security Insurance.

In this episode, Chris Berry answers the question: I have a home titled to the Castle Trust, is my title safer from title thief or should I purchase title lock security?


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Episode Transcript


Should I purchase title lock security?

Welcome to Berry’s Bites, please join our host attorney and financial advisor Chris Berry. This question comes up actually quite frequently now so just call it title insurance or identity theft so I think there are these commercials running where they’re saying that someone can kind of record a fake deed and now kind of owns your home. We do probably, I’m guessing conservatively 500 deeds a year for our clients so we’re doing quite a bit of real estate work and we’ve been doing this for 16 years and in my time I have not ever seen any issues with regards to someone stealing title or recording fraudulent title or any issues kind of popping up from that so I kind of view this insurance. It’s a good marketing ploy but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend running out to purchase it just because in my 16 years of doing this and all the deeds that we’ve recorded I’ve never seen this as an issue.

I’m not saying it never could happen but to answer the question does a castle trust kind of add any additional protection to this someone like recording a fraudulent deed the answer is no because it’s still recorded at the county so anyone can look at the county website to see what was the last recorded deed or see the chain a title and that’s another reason why I’m not really recommending people to run out and get this title insurance just because it’s pretty darn obvious you just go to the website and you can see the chain of title does that mean someone can’t record a new deed the answer is no like you could record a quick claim deed on anyone’s house if I wanted to say that I’m now the owner but again a simple title search would prove otherwise. I guess at this point I haven’t seen a need for anyone to purchase this kind of title insurance I’m not saying identity theft is an issue but this kind of like fraudulent conveyance concept with real estate I haven’t seen that as an issue so no a castle trust doesn’t provide additional protection against that but at least as of right now it’s not something that I’d be losing sleep over so hopefully that was helpful. Thank you


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