Selling A Pre Owned House? Home Selling Tips And Checklists From A Real Estate Specialist

Selling A Pre Owned House? Here are some tips and checklists from a Real Estate Specialist!

Tracy Wick, a Senior Real Estate Specialist, joins Attorney and Financial Advisor Chris Berry in this episode of Daily Wisdom.

Here are some quick tips.

Cleaning and decluttering.
These have an 872% return on investment.
There’s nothing attractive in thinking about cleaning a property, but buyers really respond well when they walk into a property that is truly clean. If it doesn’t feel clean it is not inviting. Some of the big things to do in an unoccupied home are to get into the nooks and the crannies to clean out all that covered. Get all of those dishes and extra items that your parents didn’t need, get those donated to goodwill. Have those cabinets empty and clean. Also, make sure that all the appliances are clean. Everything needs to be addressed. This makes a huge difference.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

Download – Deep Cleaning Checklist

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Episode Transcript


Ready To Sell

All right. This is Chris Berry with Castle Wealth Group, and very excited to have Tracy Wick, senior real estate specialist with us. And what she’s going to share with us are some things to think about when you have a loved one who’s already transitioned out of the home, living in that new community. What can you do to make sure that that house or that previous residence is ready to sell?

Christopher Berry is a leading a state attorney and advisor in the area of retirement and legacy planning. He has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Kiplinger’s, Crain’s Detroit and more. He’s the host of the weekly radio show and podcast, The Chris Berry Show. He’s a national thought leader as it relates to retirement and legacy planning and is author of the Amazon bestselling book, The Caregiver’s Legal Guide.

So any quick tips?

I do, Chris. The number one thing to focus on is cleaning and decluttering. And if you only do that, that has an 872% return on investment.


So, if you do- [crosstalk 00:01:15].

I’m a numbers person. That sounds amazing.

It is incredible. Now, there’s nothing attractive in thinking about cleaning a property, but I’ll tell you, buyers, when they walk into a property that is truly cleaned and we do have a deep cleaning checklist that our cleaners follow for our [inaudible 00:01:37], they really respond well to it. I don’t know if you’ve ever stepped into a home and you’re like, “Wow, this floor plan’s okay. I see the hardwood floors, probably something can be done with it.” But if it doesn’t feel clean, it’s not inviting. So some of the big things to do in an unoccupied home are to get into the nooks and crannies, to clean out all the cupboards, get all of those dishes and extra items that your parents didn’t need, get those donated to Goodwill, get them to people in need that can enjoy them, and then have those cabinets empty and cleaned. So there’s no desk, no crumbs, it’s really sparkling.

Also, you want to make sure that all of the appliances are cleaned. So that means the oven needs to have the full on cleaning. Everything needs to be addressed with almost, if you think of those little proxy brushes that you get from the dentist, I recommend getting into the light plate covers around the light switches with those. All of the base moldings and the crown moldings need to be dusted and wiped with a rag. All light fixtures need to be. And that means out on the front porch, there are no cobwebs. The doors are wiped down clean. Some of these things people might not think of, but it makes a huge difference.

So you’re saying you should do a better job cleaning than I used to do when I was changing apartments back in college, doing just enough to get my full security deposit back hopefully, right?


Broom Clean Condition

Yes, Chris. That is called broom clean condition. And that’s the lowest level of cleaning that is allowed.

My wife would still say that I’m probably still at that level when it comes to cleaning.

You may never have evolved.


That’s why you need the deep cleaning checklist.

So you do have a checklist that is available?

I do have a checklist that is available, and I will provide you with a link.

Awesome. Wonderful. Well, Tracy, thank you so much. You’ve made cleaning interesting to me. So that’s [crosstalk 00:03:57] saying something.

The money.

Yeah, I love it. Thank you so much.

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