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Episode Transcript

Tax Diversification

Indexed Universal Life Insurance, more than you might expect. Index Universal Life Insurance or IUL can provide protection and opportunity for growth when you may need it the most. It combines the traditional death benefit protection and tax advantages of life insurance with a potential for cash value growth through interest credits linked to the performance of a stock market index. It’s important to understand the impact taxes can have and tax diversification to help ensure the money you have saved for retirement is really the money you have to use and to leave to your beneficiaries.

Think of it as dividing your assets into three buckets. Bucket one, the taxable bucket represents accounts for which you typically receive a form 1099 each year. Bucket two, the tax-deferred bucket. Bucket three, the income tax free bucket. Most financial professionals recommend diversifying retirement assets. So retirees can make sensible choices to generate retirement income. Make sure the diversification process includes tax diversification and place some retirement assets into each of the three tax buckets. Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017, reducing tax rates but it won’t last forever. The tax breaks are set to expire December 31st, 2025. Unless Congress acts and then tax rates will increase in 2026 and beyond. If you have tax-deferred qualified funds currently not being used for retirement, consider converting a portion of those into an IUL insurance policy. Paying taxes now when tax rates are low, rather than paying taxes later, when tax rates will almost certainly be higher.


IUL Power of Indexing

IUL power of indexing offers the potential for growth through index interest crediting with the benefits of downside protection. IUL combines traditional death benefit protection and tax advantages provided by life insurance. Plus the potential for cash value growth linked to the performance of a stock market index, subject to a cap with a minimum guaranteed interest rate floor. This floor ensures the policy cannot lose value due to poor index performance. So if you’re looking to strengthen your financial strategy, look to IUL. IUL provides financial flexibility and protection when you need it. Set your own expectations with Indexed Universal Life Insurance and embrace life’s potential.



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