Michigan Estate Planning Lawyer Explains 3 Ways to Avoid Probate | Avoid Probate in Michigan

In today’s episode of Berry’s Bites. We explain the 3 Ways to Avoid Probate in Michigan with Michigan Elder Law Attorney, Christopher J. Berry, Esq., CELA

Meet Roger, Roger is frustrated, because when his parents passed away they did not avoid probate. Now he is in probate court. Dealing with a judge. Dealing with the costs. Dealing with the delay.

Did you know probate is avoidable? You don’t have to send your loved ones to court. It is. You can avoid the hassles and costs of probate.

My name is Chris Berry, Attorney with Castle Wealth Group. We host weekly workshops where we teach the 3 ways to avoid probate and more great information. 

I am going to share those 3 ways now.

But if you want to RSVP for a workshop, you can at www.EstateWorkshop.com

There are only 3 ways to avoid probate:

  • Joint Ownership
  • Beneficiary Designation 
  • Trusts

That’s it. No other ways. You might be saying, “What about Last Will and Testament?”

Nope. Will don’t avoid probate.

Joint Ownership is great for a married couple, but not recommended for anyone else. We cover why at the Workshop. Call for dates at 844-885-4200

Beneficiary Designations are not the best for your kids, even if they are adults. Learn why at one of our educational workshops or watch a webinar.


Roger is registering for a workshop right now. 844-885-4200, he doesn’t want to leave a mess for his kids.

If you want to join Roger, register for one of Castle Wealth Group Legal Workshops online at www.EstateWorkshop.com or by calling 844-885-4200

Roger has his spot. Do you?

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