The Secure Act and What it Means for Your Retirement Accounts

Are You Ready for the SECURE Act?

The SECURE Act has changed key elements of retirement and estate planning, turning the whole industry

on its head. Today’s show focuses on the strategies that can be used in the post SECURE Act world to ensure you have a tax efficient retirement.

In this episode of The Chris Berry Show, I’ll talk about some of the biggest changes that are coming with the passing of the SECURE Act, and how we are here to help guide you along the way.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Chris’ positive focus for the week.
  • How stretch IRAs are used.
  • What the new SECURE Act means for stretch IRAs.
  • New strategies for leaving retirement accounts to the next generation.
  • The new age for required minimum distributions.
  • The new requirements for paying taxes on inherited IRAs.
  • Why it’s more important now than ever to get an advisor who understands this law.
  • How Trust beneficiaries are affected by the SECURE Act.
  • How to manage Roth conversions under the new SECURE Act.
  • How the charitable strategy can be used under the new law.
  • What the SECURE Act means for life insurance.

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