Medicare Insights and Annual Enrollment

Do you know how to navigate Medicare Enrollment?



Medicare can cause a lot of confusion, and since this is Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, we are focusing on how it fits into people’s lives. Medicare is a federal insurance for medical services, divided into parts A and B. Part A covers the hospital services; Part B covers doctors, tests, etc.

In this episode of The Chris Berry Show, I’ll talk about the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicare enrollment with Patti Gibbons from Gibbons LLC.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Chris’ positive focus for the week.
  • When you qualify for Medicare.
  • The different parts that make up Medicare.
  • What Medicare covers, and what it doesn’t cover.
  • Situations where you don’t need to enroll in Medicare.
  • How to avoid late enrollment penalties.
  • How filing for social security affects Medicare enrollment.
  • Situations where you need to disenroll from Medicare.
  • How to choose what Medicare plan is best for you.
  • When you should consider getting a supplemental plan.
  • Why it’s so important to see a Medicare specialist when choosing your plan.
  • The difference between Open Enrollment Period and Annual Enrollment Period.


In each episode, I take questions from listeners. If you have any questions that you want answered, feel free to email us at

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