October Market Downturn and Investing with a Time Horizon | Berry’s Bites

Have you been hurt with this October market downturn? If you have then maybe you haven’t been investing with a Bucket Plan approach and managing your time horizons. If the market tumble has you worried, it’s time to put together a true financial plan that takes into account your volatility and time horizon. Want to know your risk score? Head to www.RiskScoreNow.com.

October Market Downturn and Investing with a Time Horizon | Transcript:

So this is actually going to be our second Barry’s Bite for today. Just with the current stock market, with the downturn in the market, it’s been interesting talking to the different people in the Mastermind group today, so in addition to myself there’s probably about 100 other elite IRA advisors at the Mastermind meeting today. And so it’s interesting talking with them.

And for the majority of people here, it’s not really a concern for a lot of our clients and the reason for that is they understand that the market is going to go up and down. That the volatility in market it has to play out. That bull runs can’t always continue to run and so there’s going to be adjustments.

Especially with the mid-terms coming up. We just sent out an email regarding that. Sometimes there can be some extra volatility in the market and as long as you’ve invested your money in a way that takes into account the volatility, that matches your volatility to the tolerance, that also takes into account when you plan on making distributions from your different accounts then the everyday volatility of market really shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

Hopefully you’re not concerned about that because you have a plan that takes this volatility into account. So I just wanted to address that. That was something that came up a lot at lunch and looking at all the headlines. And that’s it from sunny San Diego. Let me show you, there we go, it’s a beautiful day out there and we’re super close to the naval base so its interesting seeing all the helicopters and airplanes and ships going by. But it’s 75 and sunny. I’ll take it over October weather in Michigan any day. So that’s it, thank you.

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