How We Help Clients Qualify for Veterans Benefits

Learn about how we can help your family qualify for Veterans Benefits and receive an extra $1,000-$2,000 per month, tax free, to help pay for long-term care.

There are five requirements to qualify for the veterans benefit to pay for long-term care in Michigan.

The five requirements are:

  • 90 Days active duty
  • 1 day during a period of conflict
  • Cannot be dishonorably discharged
  • More long-term care costs than income
  • Less than $30k in assets (however there is no look back period and any overage in assets can be moved into a Veterans Asset Protection Trust)

If all of those requirements are met, as a VA Accredited Attorney, we can submit a VA application to help secure additional funds to help pay for home care, assisted living or nursing home costs.  To learn more contact our office at 888-390-4360.

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