Two New Ways For Vets To Get Housing Help

Michigan vets who are struggling to hold onto their homes may soon benefit from a housing assistance program.

The Michigan Veterans Homeowners Assistance Program has announced that it plans to financially support service members and their families hit hard by the 2006-present mortgage foreclosure crisis. The funds will come from more than $95 million the state government received as part of a bank mortgage settlement.

Financial assistance is now available as a first-come, first-serve outreach; there is no ceiling limit currently set on the amount of assistance one individual can get. The program is able to help people rent a new place, or help with a home loan modification in order to save their home from foreclosure.

For more information on the program, you can go to the MiVHAP tab at

Also, a plan was just introduced in the Michigan legislature that would give a tax break for disabled vets. The bill, proposed by Senator Glenn Anderson (D), allows communities to opt in (i.e., independently determine on a community-by-community basis, not state-mandated) when it comes to waiving property taxes for the vets in their communities who have a 100-percent disability.

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