Tougher sentences allowed under elder abuse law

New Michigan law imposes more harsh penalties on criminals who embezzle money from senior citizens.

Criminals who embezzle money from senior citizens and the mentally ill can now be penalized with more severe sentences by judges in Michigan under a new state law.

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On Tuesday, Gov. Rick Snyder signed the Vulnerable Adult Embezzlement Statute which allows consecutive sentences for multiple offense convictions. This measure brings the statute up to date with the Michigan’s general embezzlement statutes.

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In addition, Snyder has signed a bill that leaves revocation of fines for driving and failing to properly secure a child in a safety seat to a judge’s discretion.

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Lastly, Snyder has signed a bill that bans drivers from using hand-held cell phones while operating commercial vehicles or school buses. Under the same law a former horse-drawn carriage can be modified and fitted with an electric motor to operate as a taxi.

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