Tips for Adult Children Who Are Caregivers for Their Parents

Transitioning from adult child to caregiver for aging parents is daunting.  Recognizing that parents need help is difficult for both adult children and older parents. Parents may try to struggle along, not wanting to be a burden, and adult children find it hard to imagine their parents needing help.

Helpful tips for transitioning into caregiver.

Give as much independence as possible

Remember your parents are going through a transition too.  They see the same signs you see, and it is an upsetting time for them.  Discerning the amount of help they presently need while valuing their decisions and desire to do what they can on their own is very important. If an older person feels as if they are being stripped of all of their options they will become resentful or depressed.  Some may decide assisted living is the answer while others may want to stay in their home.  Understand that your role may change as time goes on and more help is needed.  Value their need to have some areas of their life that are independent and be willing to fill in the gaps where they need help.

Plan ahead and be knowledgeable about elder care

It is never pleasant to think about the future needs your parents or grandparents may have, but doing so can help everyone involved be prepared.  Having a living will, a power of attorney, and learning about  the options for home health aides and long-term care in advance will allow your parents to have a voice in the process now and guard you against hasty decisions that are not the best choices for your loved one in the future.

If you have questions about how to prepare for elder care needs   contact us  The Elder Care Firm for more information.

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