The Affordable Care Act Restricts Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions

Insurers will often utilize a number of strategies to reduce the cost of covering enrollees with pre-existing conditions, or medical conditions and health problems that were present before the individual enrolled in a health plan. One of those strategies, the pre-existing condition exclusion, allows insurers the refusal of any cost associated with care for a pre-existing condition permanently or over a period of time.

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Retroactive January 1, 2014, insurers in the individual and group markets will be restricted from imposing pre-existing conditions under the Affordable Care Act. This new fact sheet provides an overview of how pre-existing condition exclusions are regulated under current law, and how the ACA will change those regulations in 2014, allowing customers to access necessary benefits and services beginning from their first day of coverage.

Take some time and read the Fact Sheet below.

Fact Sheet

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