The “10 Most Gruesome Estate Planning Mistakes” series. Mistake #7: Not Having Your Documents Reviewed and Updated

Once they have their estate planning and other documents created, many people simply file them away and never look at them again. Big mistake. An outdated plan can be as bad or even worse than having no plan at all.

Your documents should be reviewed, at the very least, every two years. Why? In a word, change.

Your needs and goals change; your financial situation changes; your children grow older and their needs change. The law itself is constantly changing. And even if you’ve specified a trustee or executor, the named person’s ability to follow through on your wishes may change as well. Updating your plan allows you to take these changes into account and avoid unintended consequences.

Client Care Program and Life Care Program

We always strive to help keep our clients’ legal plans up to date and on the cutting edge of any planning opportunities. We do this through our Client Care Program. Members of our Client Care Program and Life Care Program receive information and advice annually, so that their legal planning continues to meet their goals today and into the future.

The Elements of the Client Care Program and Life Care Program

Our Client Care Program (CCP) and Life Care Program (LCP) are on-going services designed to maintain a comprehensive, effective legal plan for each member of The Elder Care Firm family. We believe the optimal review and refinement schedule is an annual cycle. Clients have access to our quarterly newsletter, information sessions and an exclusive private website (all past recordings).

The Client Care Program is for clients who have executed an estate plan versus the Life Care Program, which is for clients who are in a long-term care situation where governmental benefits are needed.

Annual Reviews

We believe an annual review is absolutely necessary for each and every family’s legal plan. It’s too easy for changes in the law, a family’s situation, or how an asset is titled to affect the efficiency and purpose of a legal plan. We commit to an annual review either in-person or by conference call to touch base and review your family’s legal plan.

Document Reviews

Members of the CCP/LCP will receive updates, as necessary, of their legal documents at no additional cost.

Free Telephone Calls and Emails

Members of the CCP/LCP, their advisors and immediate family may contact The Elder Care Firm and support staff, as needed, to ask questions related to the member’s legal plan at no additional cost.

Free Copies

Copies of any and all executed legal documents created for CCP/LCP members may be requested and will be provided at no charge.


For our Life Care Program clients, we will work with them and any governmental agencies to help continue any governmental benefits our clients may be entitled to.

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