The “10 Most Gruesome Estate Planning Mistakes” series. Mistake #10: Not Understanding that the Biggest Problem is Not the IRS

If the biggest threat to preserving your wealth is not the IRS, who or what is? Frankly, it is human nature. None of us wants to think about our own deaths or the possibility of becoming incapacitated. Consequently, we tend to put o taking the steps necessary to prepare for what the future may hold. We procrastinate. And our loved ones often suffer the painful financial consequences.

Perhaps Walt Kelly put it best: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

This concludes the Elder Care Firm’s 10 Most Gruesome Estate Planning Mistakes Series. To learn more, join us for one of our FREE LifeCare Planning Workshops it’s promised that time will fly, you’ll learn a lot, and have a little bit of fun. To sign up for a LifeCare Planning Workshop click here.

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