Test Your Memory for Alzheimer’s (5 Best Tests)

hese five memory tests are free self tests for Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

If you decide to administer one or more of these memory tests, and the results of the memory test seems suspicious, you should consult with your personal care physician or a neurologist for a more thorough memory examination and diagnosis.

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These five memory tests are self assessment tests for Alzheimer’s, dementia, and mild cognitive impairment.

Additional testing is necessary before a diagnosis can be made.

#1 Test Your Memory for Alzheimer’s Dementia in 15 Minutes (SAGE)

This is our top recommendation for testing memory.

The latest weapon in the war against Alzheimer’s disease is not a fancy new brain scanner or a computer device. Instead, it’s a it a 15 question written exam that could have a dramatic impact on a major problem — the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.

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This handwritten self-assessment test can be taken in less than 15 minutes. SAGE is a reliable tool for evaluating memory and cognitive ability. Findings confirming the validity of the tool were reported in the journal Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders.

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