Stay On Top Of Your Medicare Plan When You Move

If you are currently on a Medicare plan and are relocating to a new state, be sure to check your Medicare plan to ensure it will stay in effect. Your policy may not be valid when you relocate, depending on whether you have Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare.

Individuals with Original Medicare should expect to continue the same level of care when they move. But if you also have a Medigap policy, be sure to touch base with your insurer. Your premium may change, based on your new location. Also, if you are enrolled in Medicare SELECT, you may need to buy a supplemental policy in order to use doctors and hospitals within the correct network.

If you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage, you should check with your plan to ensure that you will still be within its service area, and switch to a new area plan, if needed. If you decide to switch to the new area Medicare Advantage plan, you may do so under the special enrollment period, and get the new plan immediately, without an extended waiting period.

You may wish to switch to Original Medicare or to the Medicare Advantage plan which covers your new location. If you do nothing, you will automatically be enrolled in Original Medicare, which may mean you will need additional coverage for prescription drugs as well as a Medigap policy.

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