New York Memory Center Reinvigorates Dementia Patients

The New York Memory Center (NYMC) and its Executive Director, Christopher Nadeau is using arts and computer based social day care program to bring dementia patients back into the world.

Watch the video below and hear from a woman who made the transition from an emotional state of hopelessness and enormous burden to state of joy.

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We strongly recommend watching this movie (closely from the 4 minute mark to the 4 minute 30 second mark) if you are or have previously been an Alzheimer’s caregiver. Then share the video!

After watching the entire video you will have learned more about this amazing program in addition to how it brought a mother living with dementia back to her daughter.

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The New York Memory Center uses arts and computers to help patients maintain as much independence as possible. This state of the arts social day care program reinvigorates people living with dementia and their families.

A non-profit organization, the New York Memory Center is in need of donations as a result of the devastation of hurricane Sandy. If you are able to help please consider a donation!

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