Michigan Elder Care Firm–One Stop Shop For Long-term Care Concerns

Many times our clients have never opened the door to the long-term care maze before.  When mom is starting to have problems with her Alzheimer’s or dementia, or dad is unable to live on his own anymore, many families don’t know where to turn.

They don’t know where to start, who to contact, or what the best solution to their loved one’s long-term care issue.  They want to take care of mom, dad, or spouse, but it’s not an easy task.  Oftentimes the caregiver is working full time or trying to raise their own family.

These days families look to the Internet for answers and google.  This can be both good or bad, as the Internet has a wealth of free information, however, you get what you pay for.  For every site that has the right or accurate information, there is probably five that are out of date or have completely wrong information when it comes to elder law or long-term care planning.

One of our goals as a life care planning elder care firm is cut through all the information out there to provide straight forward guidance to families struggling with the questions created by long-term planning issues.  Then through a multidisciplinary approach involving an Elder Care Coordinator, the Elder Care Firm develops an action plan that address the rest of a senior’s life and acts as road map to help guide the family through the long-term care legal maze.

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