Medical Jewelry for Alzheimer’s Patients That May Wander

The news frequently reports incidents where elderly people in neighborhoods wander away and are met with dire circumstances.Alzheimer’s patients don’t intend to run away, but often start walking and realize they have ventured too far after it’s too late and their home is no longer in sight. Don’t underestimate their ability to get lost quickly.

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This is where the medic-alert bracelets and necklaces come in. Most are engraved with an address or phone number and can prevent a serious incident or traumatizing experience for your loved one if they become lost. They come in multiple colors and sizes and are perfect for seniors with diabetes, an allergy or Alzheimer’s.

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These hypo-allergenic stainless steel medical jewelry is the ideal way to provide emergency medical personnel with the information they need to determine the best treatment to treat whomever is wearing it. First responders are trained to look for medical ID to determine if you have a medical condition or dangerous allergies and if you take any critical medications. By including emergency contact information on your ID, a loved one will be immediately notified.

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Items are custom engraved and shipped within 24 hours. These bracelets are durable and guaranteed for life.

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