Medicaid Expansion May be Passed by Michigan House this Week

Michigan House is close to a new deal that wil expand Medicaid to low-income adults.

Medicaid eligibility could be expanded to 320,000 more Michigan residents next year.

There’s reason to believe that Michigan lawmakers may be closer to approving an expansion of Medicaid health insurance for low-income adults.

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As early as Tuesday, a new version of Republican-sponsored legislation could move from a House committee no longer includes a hard 4-year cap on benefits for certain adults. Both Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and minority Democrats have expressed concern towards the provision.

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The revised bill would give two options to nondisabled adults earning between 100 and 133 percent of the poverty level after they’re on Medicaid for 48 months. They would be able to purchase government-subsidized health insurance through a new insurance marketplace or pay more to stay on Medicaid.

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While conversation continues over the legislation, supporters of expanding Medicaid eligibility to 320,000 more Michigan residents next year say a deal is within reach.

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