Long Term Care Insurance…….One Way to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Learn About Long-term Care Insurance From a Guest Expert

Preparing for retirement and the unexpected long term care costs can deplete some and all of your savings. Having a cushion of dollars set aside to protect your savings and your family members lifestyles when this event occurs can be an advantage to everyone.

Long Term Care insurance is one way to offset Home Care, Assisted Living and Nursing Home expenses. The average cost of care in Southeastern Michigan is anywhere between $85,000-$100,000 per year.

Premiums to protect these costs are built on a benefit amount and your age. Each year you wait to buy, premiums will be higher. Oh and don’t forget there is underwriting. Locking in your age and health is key to this protection!

Learn more about various options to pay for care, Nancy Boari is a Long Term Care Specialist with over 20 years experience in health care and 15 years as a LTC Specialist. Let Nancy educate you and your family with this important conversation.

To learn more contanct Nancy via email at nancy.boari@nm.com

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