Interested in Accessing Your Social Security Account Online?

Social Security now offers online access to your personal information. The online account, “My Social Security,” is where both active workers and retirees can see their earnings, their current benefits and their future benefits.

The Social Security Administration started online account access last year. You can apply for benefits online, get your Social Security statements, look at estimates of what amount of benefits you will get it you retire at age 62 versus 67 versus 70. You are also able to see the benefits amount you will get if you become disabled, and see the amount of survivor benefits that will go to your loved ones if you die.

If you already receive benefits, you can start an online account to obtain a benefit verification letter, which will help you apply for a home mortgage or another type of loan or other types of benefits. Go online to update your address, your contact information and to get your benefit checks direct deposited into your bank account.

If you would like an online Social Security account, you must be 18 years of age, have a valid email address, a Social Security number, and a valid U.S. mailing address.

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