Female Veterans Gather for a Day of Service and Sisterhood

Female veterans gather to honor the women who risked their lives in the name of freedom

By Chris Berry

Monday, a group of female veterans gathered in Lansing for a day of service and sisterhood.

In its second year, Michigan’s annual “Stand Down For Female Veterans” provides help with housing, counseling, benefit applications and employment assistance. Organizers of the event say that female veterans are often overlooked and in many cases, the veterans aren’t fully aware of all the services they are eligible for.

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Monday’s special event is an effort to change that and remind people of the great honor these women have earned by putting their lives on the line for the freedom of others.

“It’s always been hard, but thank God we’re standing here today. We were able to get a lot out of this effort here in Lansing today. So we thank Lansing for sponsoring the stand down, and we thank every agency represented here for supporting us,” said Melinda Adams, U.S. Army Veteran.

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The Michigan Branch of Volunteers of America is responsible for organizing the event.

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