Family Caregiver Distress Assessment

Anyone that has cared for an older knows it can be one of the most fulfilling experiences. Great pleasure is derived from the chance to give back to someone who may have given you so much.

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With that said, proving loving support to a senior can take its toll, and present problems managing and balancing that support with your own hectic life. It is common to experience physical, mental and emotional stress as a result of the tremendous responsibility. Constant exposure to high levels of distress can be a major contributing factor to serious health problems.

One cannot underestimate the importance of understanding how that stress is affecting you. Use this Family Caregiver Distress Assessment to identify the things that might make caregiving more challenging for you, and how those challenges can be addressed to best avoid being overwhelmed or worse, incurring serious health problems.

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Take the Family Caregiver Distress Assessment

Try to answer the following questions as honestly as you can, and keep in mind:

  1. Distress can be feeling upset, nervous, depressed, or angry
  2. A loved one can be anyone being cared for—including a spouse, parent, extended family member, friend or neighbor.
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