Don’t be Afraid to Travel with Alzheimer’s

If you have Alzheimer’s disease don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest, travel, and hope for a cure!

Barb and her husband planned a trip to San Francisco as a birthday gift for Barb to traverse down memory lane where her parents started their lives together. They were wed in San Francisco and made many friends.

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Her dad was stationed at an army base there, but when they tried to find it they discovered it no longer existed. Barb’s mother worked at a bank in Carmel. They ended up leaving due to their family ties in Milwaukee, but their hearts never left the bay. Years ago she had been there while her husband was training for his job at Fireman’s Fund. Now, her brother-in-law lives there so they decided to visit him and discover the places Barb’s parents had always talked about.

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The first thing she packed was her meds, including the ones she takes for Alzheimer’s disease to amplify memory and clarvescence. She packed light so she handle her own suitcase and not overwhelmed with too many articles of clothing. The tennis shoes she packed were too small, in-fact, she had intended to give them to her daughter. As a result, she purchased a new pair in Carmel, which turned out to be splendid.

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After his time in the service, her dad hoped to open a drug store. His buddy from the army was a pharmacist and wanted a business partner. Her dad’s role was to be in retail and advertising — he was a commercial artist. Both Barb’s husband and brother-in-law surprised her by finding her parent’s favorite coffee shop in Carmel. They had an old photo of her mother standing in front of it. They asked her if she recognized it before showing Barb the original picture, and taking a photo with her now in front of it.

Barb’s mother also had Alzheimer’s. Now, her sister is living with it — she is 90 years old. And at age 66, Barb too, has Alzheimer’s. Her advice is to live to your potential and in the moment. Don’t be afraid to travel with caregivers and your meds. Enjoy each and every day and hope for a cure.

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