Creating a Safe Home for Elder Care

Atop the priority list when caring for a loved one is their safety.

Researching and utilizing the appropriate equipment for home use can go a long way to alleviate much of the discomfort when it comes to the security of a senior. There are a variety of precautions that can be taken to ensure the well-being of a senior whether the caregiver is present or not. Below you will discover safety tips on two problem areas for seniors: stairs and bathrooms.

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Stair Safety

Many homes include some form of stairs whether they are attached to a porch or enable access to a different level of the home. For proper elder care safety, ensure that the area around the steps is well lit. While seniors may be aware that they are approaching steps based on familiarity, they can still miss a step or two without proper lighting. Plug-in lights provide nighttime illumination that will not disturb others’ sleep.

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It is also imperative to keep the stairs free of clutter. Regularly checking the area reduces the chances of a senior tripping or falling over things.

Bathroom Safety

Every senior visits the bathroom, some more than others. Guard rails next to the toilet and tub provide a safety outlet to grab in the event a senior slips and falls. To ensure proper installation, hire a professional to put these in place.

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Get Help

Never be too proud or bust to seek the necessary professional help, or planning in elder care safetyComfort Keepers proposes its own SafetyChoice® products to ensure the safety and security of seniors. Learn more about Comfort Keepers by following the link below.

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