Considering The Move To A Nursing Home: Some Questions To Ask

If you have narrowed the number of nursing homes you are considering to several or even just one, you should visit in person or have a trusted person visit the facility for you prior to committing to the move.

There are a number of other issues to address, including any official deficiencies (complaints) on file, and cost, of course. But if you feel this nursing home may be the right one, there are some questions you may wish to ask about daily living, based on what is important to you about your new environment.

You may wish to know about some or all of the following:

  • What are the social, recreational, and religious activities that take place? Is attending mandatory or is there some say by each resident regarding what activities to attend?
  • Do residents get to choose when to get up, bathe, eat meals and sleep?
  • What options are available if the resident does not like the food that is served?
  • Can pets visit the facility?
  • Can individual living spaces be decorated with personal items?
  • If the resident has an issue with wandering or confusion, how is that handled by staff?
  • If the resident develops a medical condition which changes his or her mobility or care needs, is the nursing home equipped to manage those issues and continue care?
  • How many Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are assigned to work on each shift (day and night) and during meals?

Before you visit the nursing home, call to make an appointment to meet with someone on staff. They should have an intake person who gives tours and answers your questions. It is also a good idea to visit the nursing home without an appointment to see what it is like when they are not expecting you.

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