Considering The Move To A Nursing Home: First Steps

If you are considering a move to a nursing home or are assisting a loved one as they attempt to choose the nursing home that will best suit their needs, you already know that trying to determine the best place can be difficult, both emotionally and from a purely practical standpoint. How do you even begin to look for the facility that will be safe, secure, and close to family members so they can visit?

While there are a number of state and government resources that will help you compare nursing homes in terms of safety records and complaints filed against them, one of the most direct ways you can learn about the nursing homes in your area is by asking the people who have experience with them. Ask neighbors, friends and clergy if they have any experience with the nursing homes you are considering. Reach out to your family health care professional – ask if they provide care at area nursing homes, and see what they think. You can also contact your local senior center for recommendations.

A good online resource is Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare. Go to to look up nursing homes by name or location.

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