A Lesson From Dr. Suess for Long-term Care Operators

There is a growing fear within long-term care professionals that the ongoing standoff between Democrats and Republicans will not reach a resolution before this national plummets over the fiscal cliff.

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Unless both parties are able to forge a spending/tax deal that averts automatic funding cuts in the coming weeks, Medicare payment reductions will ensue, and economists warn that another Recession may be in the forecast.

Although leaders from both sides have known that the fiscal cliff is coming, their actions do not appear preventative but reactive, mostly taking polls and digging in for the fall. There are essentially three options on the table: spend less, tax more, or take a hybrid approach that fuses the two.

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Yet both sides insist on solving the problem with the very reason we’re here in the first place. Quite the anomaly — that is of course until you read “The Zax” by Dr. Seuss.

In this story there are two kinds of Zax; those who travel North and those who travel South. When two Zax encounter each other, the result is a standoff. They stand in one place for so long that a highway overpass is built around them. The story concludes with them still in their tracks.

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Maybe the solution isn’t to convince stubborn lawmakers to lead, rather how we will build that overpass.

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