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Free Legal, Financial & Tax Planning for the 2nd Half of Life Workshop

Make sure you and your family are cared for. For life.

Protect your estate, trusts and assets from probate and the IRS.

Save you and your loved ones from the sky-high costs of long-term care.

Grow and pass on a legacy to your family that you can be proud of.

Learn how in our free 90-minute workshop

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Although we might not always want to talk about it, here’s the truth: as you grow older, you need to take the right steps to make sure you and your family have the safest, most secure future possible.

Because if you don’t take those steps?

For starters, there won’t be a lot of relaxation during your much-awaited, well-earned retirement. Instead…

…long-term care costs (which add up to a headache-inducing $10,047 per month average in Michigan) have the potential to bankrupt you and your family.

…the legacy you plan to leave behind (AKA your estate, trusts, and assets) can be taken away by probate and the IRS.

…and that IRA you’ve been so dutifully paying into for the last 32 years? Yes, that can be taken away instead of being passed along to loved ones, as well.

These are tricky, uncomfortable topics to talk about. That’s why we created this free workshop to help you get the information you need about legal, financial & tax planning as we grow older.

After attending our 90-minute workshop, you’ll walk away knowing: